Best Kid iPad Apps is a website devoted to helping parents make informed buying decisions in the App store. As an iPad owner and a parent of a young daughter, I have come to understand that buying the wrong app often means more than just wasting your child’s time. It can also drive you crazy as you are subjected to obnoxious, repetitive sounds, or grating narrators. Especially if you’re a parent who sits down with your children as much as possible while they’re gaming or reading, you have to be exposed to this material to the same degree that your child is. And it can be torture.

My name is Jake Moses. Since my daughter’s birth almost five years ago, I’ve read at least three bedtime stories with her every night. It started as a desire to instill a love of books and reading in her, but it quickly became a cherished ritual for me. Since I was in law school for the majority of her life, there were many days when I spent so much time with my nose in my casebooks that I hardly saw her. But I made it a rule that no matter how busy I was, I would always have an hour to do bedtime stories with her (even if it meant that I’d be going to bed at 3 A.M. instead of 2 A.M. that night).

When I first got my iPad about a year ago its potential for a children’s educational device was immediately clear. And when I checked the App Store for age appropriate material, I was not disappointed. Well, I should say I was not disappointed in the quantity of titles available. But it turned out that in the quality department, most of the apps left much to be desired.

I think that the time I’ve spent reading books to my daughter, and the enormous exposure I’ve had to children’s books and other apps on the iPad (I have dozens of kids apps on my iPad, including over a hundred childrens books, most of which I’ve read countless times) give me a lot of insight into which apps are good for your kids, not to mention which ones will slowly drive you mad.


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